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28 August 2018:

Come along to  Rawtestall Cricket Club, Lancashire, at 7pm to hear my interview with local journalist Catherine Smyth about Rawtenstall's 1948 murder, as featured in my book ODD MAN OUT - A Motiveless Murder. Tickets will be on sale soon in Rawtenstall. 

2 December 2017:

I'll be signing copies of my latest book  'ODD MAN OUT - A MOTIVELESS MURDER?' at Gerrards Cross Book Shop, 11am-3pm. Also present will be Joan Brant, signing copies of her debut book 'Homes for Heroes - Memories of Life in a 1940s Prefab'. Scoff chocs and chat books. Would love to see you there. 

November 2017:

Catch my talk ;A Wistful Eye on Titanic' for the Belfast Titanic Society at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution at 7.30 pm on Monday 13 Nov. I'll be signing copies of my best selling novel 'A Wistful Eye - The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright'. 

October 2017:

BOOK LAUNCH of 'Odd Man Out - A Motiveless Murder?' - I'll be signing copies of 'Odd Man Out' just a few feet from where the murder of Nancy Chadwick occurred, at The Weavers' Cottage, Rawtenstall, Lancs., from 11 am  till 5 pm on Sat 7 and Sun 8 October, when the centre hosts its annual Craft Fair.

Also, catch my talk about the murder at Burnley Literary Festival on Mon 9 October, when I'll be signing copies of my book at the festival's pop-up venue in Burnley's Charter Walk Shopping Centre at noon.

September 2017:

WOOBURN LITERARY FESTIVAL 18 Sept - 21 Oct 2017: Catch my talk on Buckinghamshire Spies & Subversives at Bourne End Library on 21 September at 7.30 pm. Tickets £5 from the library and there will be copies of my book available to buy on the night at discounted price.

The release is imminent of my latest non-fiction, 'ODD MAN OUT'. This tells the true and tragic tale of Margaret 'Bill' Allen, a transgendered bus conductress, hanged in January 1949 for the 1948 murder of a woman she scarcely knew.

Look out also for Joan Brant's book 'Homes for Heroes', her memoir of life in a 1940s prefab, ghost written by me.

April 2017:

7.30 pm Mon 10 April I shall be talking about Bucks Spies & Subversives to Flackwell Heath Local History Society at their community library.

12.30 Tues 11 April is my interview with BBC Three Counties Radio on the Nick Coffer Show.

Weds 12 April 2pm come to  St Andrew's Hall, Gerrards Cross, for Afternoon Tea and Cake and my talk on 'The Famous and Infamous of The Chalfonts & District'.

My new book 'Odd Man Out' is completed and will be published soon.

March 2017:   

20 March 1960's pop idol Jess Conrad joined me at Gerrards Cross Book Shop for the re-launch of my book 'The Famous and Infamous of the Chalfonts & District.

February 2017:

My screenplay 'Odd Man Out' is completed and ready for submission. Now working on the book to accompany the film.

Saturday 17 December 2016:

I shall be signing copies of my books at GERRARDS CROSS BOOK SHOP 11am till 1pm. Join me for a mince pie.

Saturday 3 December 2016:

Today sees the launch of She Voices anthology 'Notes on a Page', at RICHMOND LIBRARY (extension) 2-6pm. Tea, cake & music plus readings. See you there.

Saturday 15 October 2016:

I shall be speaking at the CHORLEYWOOD LITERARY FESTIVAL. Do catch my talk on 'Buckinghamshire Spies & Subversives' at 2pm at The Junction. Tickets available from Chorleywood Book Shop or Gerrards Cross Book Shop. Tea and cake included.

Thursday 6 October 2016

Come and join me on my 'Graveyard Walk & Talk'. I shall be taking a small party of people tripping around the headstones in St Peter's Garden, Chalfont St Peter, at 10am and we shall hear about some of the famous, worthy and interesting people who lie there. Tickets from Gerrards Cross or Chorleywood Book Shops.  

Saturday 21 May 2016:

Admission is FREE to the WRITERS' CAFE & POP-UP BOOK SHOP event organised by the Chalfont St Giles & Jordans Literary Festival. I and 7 fellow authors will be at The Reading Room, Chalfont St Giles, to chat informally to visitors on how to get inspired, get writing and get published. Teas, Coffees & delicious home-made cakes on sale and lots of books to browse while you sip. See you there. 

Saturday 16 April 2016:

A most enjoyable day was had by all at the DOWNLEY LITERARY FESTIVAL, Bucks. The speakers were No 1 bestselling author Elizabeth Buchan; writer, editor & literary agent Jemima Hunt, hugely succesful short story scribe Tracy Baines and 'Frost Magazine' editor and ace blogger Catherine Balavage. All proceeds went to the charity for wounded ex-servicemen WORDS FOR THE WOUNDED. 

January 2016:

I am thrilled to announce that Buckinghamshire Spies & Subversives was the year's no 5 best seller of 2015 at Gerrards Cross Book Shop, beating Girl on a Train and Go Set a Watchman.

December 2015:

2 December: I'll be having a book signing at Gerrards Cross Book Shop 6- 8.30pm during the GX Christmas late night shopping event. Do pop in and say 'hello'.

12 December: I am one of 10 guest authors honoured to have been invited to participate with top booksellers at the KENSINGTON BOOKSELLERS FAIR in Kensington Town Hall 10.30-4.30. You'll find us near the entrance to the cafe.

November 2015:

On the evening of Weds 18 Nov I'll be giving my talk 'Buckinghamshire Spies & Sunversives' to HEDGERLEY HISTORICL SOCIETY.

August 2015:


Weds 1 July 2015:



Wednesday 3 December 2014:

Come and meet me at GERRARDS CROSS BOOKSHOP CHRISTMAS LATE NIGHT SHOPPING EVENT where I shall be signing copies of my latest local history book 'The Famous and Infamous of The Chalfonts & District'. 6.30 till 8.30 pm. 

Thursday 20 November 2014:

RICHMOND LITERARY FESTIVAL: Catch my talk  on 'Achieving Success as an Indie Author' at The Tea Box, Paradise Rd., Richmond, kicking off promptly at 7pm.

Sunday 16 November 2014:

I will be signing books and meeting folks at the INDIE AUTHOR'S FAIR at CHORLEYWOOD LITERARY FESTIVAL, British Legion Hall, Chorleywood 2-5pm Admission FREE, talks, books, tea and cakes - what could be nicer on a Sunday afternoon?

Saturday 26 July 2014:

I'll be signing copies of THE CHALFONTS AND GERRARDS CROSS AT WAR  and chatting to customers at Gerrards Cross Book Shop.

March 2014:

My Book 'The Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross at War' has just reached the number 3 spot in the TOP TEN BEST SELLING BOOKS bought at online book supplier FeedARead:

And my novel 'A Wistful Eye' just reached the no 7 spot, too.

September 2013:

I am thrilled to have been commissioned by Titchfield Festival Theatre to adapt my novel 'Running with Crows' to a 3 act play.  The completed script of 'Death of a Tan' is currently with them and they hope to produce the play in the spring of 2015. I cannot wait to see it on the stage.  I have also prepared a synopsis and treatment of the story, should any film production company be interested ....  

15 June 2013:

GLAD Productions will be presenting a theatrical adaptation of my book 'Running with Crows' at the Dunlavin Arts Festival, County Wicklow. I am thrilled and shall be there to see it. 

16 June 2013: 

The Irish Book Launch of 'Running with Crows' will take place at the Dunlavin Arts Festival in Co Wicklow.  I shall be giving a talk and slideshow about the Milltown Murder case; meeting local readers and writers and exploring the location of the murder which is the pivotal incident in 'Running with Crows'. I cannot wait to explore this beautiful corner of Ireland.

12 June 2013:

I shall be giving a slideshow presentation about the Mitchell case at the Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester (my home city).  The show kicks off at 7.30pm and there will be signed copies available of 'Running with Crows'.  A big 'thank you' to Arts & Cultural officer Rose Morris for arranging this and also for reading and reviewing 'Running with Crows'.  I'm so looking forward to being back in my old north Manchester neighbourhood. 









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REVIEWS: 'ODD MAN OUT - A Motiveless Murder?'


‘In her latest book, Odd Man Out, Denise Beddows paints a vivid picture of post-war Rawtenstall, and of the difficult lives of three women – a murder victim, her killer and the killer’s lover. This is an exceptionally well researched account of a true crime and is a sensitive exploration of the difficult life and brutal death of this transgendered woman whom history has forgotten’ – Murder Monthly.


‘… another fascinating piece of research by the author of ‘Running with Crows – The Life and Death of a Black and Tan’. In her latest book, ‘Odd Man Out’, Denise Beddows relates the intriguing but surprisingly under-reported case of Margaret ‘Bill’ Allen, Britain’s only transgendered killer. This beautifully written account of a long-forgotten murder and execution highlights the shortcomings in the police investigation and leads us through the life and devastatingly sad fate of this tragic figure. It is particularly moving to read of the effects Allen’s execution had on others and to know what happened next to all those involved.’ – Pete Bloggs, ‘Bloggs on True Crime’.  


REVIEWS: 'Buckinghamshire Spies and Subversives'



‘First class and utterly absorbing. Informative, sensitive and revealing. An excellent contribution to the history of British Intelligence and its development through the ages.’



‘… a different perspective on a surprisingly large amount of Buckinghamshire history … offers a fascinating insight into people and events our ancestors’ lives were affected by – whether or not they were aware of it.’



‘The author has carried out an incredible amount of research and covers events from the English Reformation up until the more recent events concerning jihadists. There are some fascinating photos which helps to bring the stories to life.’


REVIEWS: 'Running with Crows - The Life and Death of a Black and Tan'




‘An excellently written novel, fast-paced and with a compelling storyline ... utterly believable and not easily forgotten ... I heartily recommend this book.’


‘A fascinating book ... impressive research ... What Kelly has done is to put a face and a real story to one of the most notorious paramilitary groups ever ... an absolutely fascinating read ... a thoroughly researched book.’



‘DJ Kelly uses her rigorous research and creative imagination to great advantage to convey William Mitchell’s life story in a sharp
and well written
style, giving enough historical and geographical
background to keep the reader on board and captivated.’



An excellent and well researched book ... an interesting and enjoyable read ... throws new light on the life and death of an Irish Black and Tan.’



‘A well written and entertaining story ... an enjoyable read.’


‘Kelly has pulled together this intriguing and revealing fact-based novel... based on meticulous research ... about an ancestor forgotten by history.’




This is a well written research-based historical narrative  which reflects the true story of William Mitchell.  The author has invested a great deal of time and energy in researching his story and is to be commended that the sympathetic and skilful management of the facts ensures that the spirit of William Mitchell and his chequered life is open to scrutiny.  The interesting interpretation of political events and the strategic placing of these events into a contextual historical setting could have become rather a bleak read, but far from depressing the story abounds with an energy and gusto which is rather refreshing.  I began to like Mitchell who, although deeply flawed, showed an amazing resilience, and I must admit to wiping away a little tear at the ending, which I hoped could have been different...


The inclusion in the epilogue of a 'what happened next' to some of the characters is a nice way to finish.  I have no hesitation in recommending this very human approach to history.'   




MICHAEL JAMES TALBOT, Author: ‘The Crown the Harp and the Shamrock of the Royal Irish Constabulary (1890-1915)' and ‘A Peeler in the Family’:

‘Well researched, skillfully and sympathetically written ... I would recommend this very highly.’



DAVID LEESON, Author: ‘The British Police and Auxiliaries in the Irish War of Independence’:

‘I would recommend Kelly's book ... her fine historical novel ... to anyone with an interest in this subject.’


KEVIN MCCARTHY, Author of ‘Peeler’:

‘Quite compelling ... lucid and finely paced ... her research is thorough and fresh ... she is particularly impressive on the employment conditions of the temporary constables assigned to RIC barracks around Ireland. We learn much about the period, whether it be tenement life in Dublin, tanneries in Victorian London or the hardships for Field Punishment no 1 in the Great War. Her chapter on the typical squaddie’s life in colonial India is particularly impressive. The scenes set in Mitchell’s court martial read as a fine blend of court transcript filtered through the fictional consciousness of the accused,... the scene with his wife on the eve of his execution is quite unexpectedly moving, the execution scene a small triumph of restrained, clinical observation ...’



REVIEWS: 'A Wistful Eye - The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright'



‘A thought provoking and poignant book ... a captivating read.’ 





‘This book is very well written ... with humour and the passion of one who was touched by the sadness of the story. With its look at an early Belfast, it is highly recommended.’





‘A professionally produced book, A Wistful Eye is a fascinating and enjoyable story ... engaging ... a thoroughly enjoyable read with some facts about Irish history that I was not aware of.’





‘A fact-based story of love, loss and injustice in which the author brings her ancestors, and the poor district of Belfast, to life, complete with speech in wonderful local dialect. Kelly’s well researched and fictionalized account of her family history is a mighty fine  achievement.’



SAM McAUGHTRY, author, journalist & broadcaster, BBC:


A lovely read. Well done. You’ve captured the time and place.’




THE BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ADVERTISER:-  'Denise tells Titanic tale of a turbulent era:  An author who discovered her great grandfather helped build the Titanic is signing copies of her debut book about the tale in Gerrards Cross bookshop this Saturday.  A Wistful Eye - The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright, by DJ Kelly is an account of her great grandfather's story, and life as a shipwright.  Unique among other Titanic themed books, it views the momentous events of that turbulent era from the perspective of the common man....'    


FAMILY HISTORY MONTHLY MAGAZINE:- My Titanic Connection: see April issue.


THREE COUNTIES RADIO:  Interview broadcast 12 April 2012

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